Extruded products

Extruded products

Michiels Fabrieken nv extrudes blended foods (corn/wheat and soybeans) in accordance with the customer’s product specifications.
Super Cereal (Plus), Corn Soya Blend (CSB), Super Cereal (Plus) and Wheat Soya Blend (WSB) are within our expertise.

Macro-components (milk, sugar, soybean oil) and micro-components (vitamins, minerals) can be added.

The extruded cereal products are available in:
  • Bulk
  • Big bags (1.000 kg)
  • Medium bags (25 kg)
  • Small bags (1.5 kg) under a modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), packed in cardboard boxes

Graanproducten 01

Graanproducten 02

Graanproducten 03