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About us

From oats ...

Since 1959, family business Michiels Fabrieken nv is established in Zulte (B). Today, Sabine, Frederik and Philippe Michiels are the 3rd generation of the family to manage the company, which started out with the processing of oats. This is still the company’s core business.

The company has many decades of experience and skills in handling cereals.

A series of operations converts the unprocessed oats into food. The oats are cleaned, sorted, peeled, thermally treated and stabilised. This process is called ‘kilning’ and is required to guarantee a long shelf-life and to maintain the extraordinary characteristics of the oats. Next, the kilned cereals are processed into oat flakes or flour, resulting in products for various applications in the food and feed industry.

... to cereal extrusion

In the 1970s, Michiels Fabrieken nv was a pioneer in Europe with its cereal extrusion: the processing of cereals under high pressure and at high temperatures to make them edible and digestible. This new activity opened doors to new markets in the food and feed industry.

Michiels Fabrieken nv is specialised in niche markets, and produces customised extruded cereal compositions, possibly enriched with minerals, vitamins and other ingredients.

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